Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

Plan your funeral in advance

flowersPlanning a funeral can be a daunting and upsetting task, coming as it does at a time of such emotional stress. For some families it can be almost too much to bear, particularly with the added financial pressure it brings.

A pre-paid funeral can alleviate some of this anxiety by removing the responsibility from the bereaved when it comes to making funeral arrangements. The Golden Charter scheme allows you to plan and pay for your own funeral ahead of time, sparing your loved ones the cost and worry of organising a suitable funeral when the time comes.

Planning your funeral in advance gives you greater control over the service itself, and provides financial peace of mind for your family. The money paid into a Golden Charter plan is kept in a trust fund and covers the cost of the agreed plan, irrespective of any changes in funeral costs in the years in-between.

Box Brothers Ltd are proud to be agents of Golden Charter funerals, as we believe that they provide a flexible and reassuring way to arrange a funeral. Please ask us for more details, or click here to visit the Golden Charter website.